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Before we discovered we could make our own rings, we’d been disappointed that we couldn’t find bands that felt meaningful to us. As soon as making them for each other became an option, we knew we had to do it. We decided on simple gold bands: a classic width for Pantelis, and a very slender one for me, to complement my engagement ring. Stephanie guided us through each step of the process, and amazingly we were able to do the vast majority of the hands-on work ourselves. It was a great experience for both of us seeing the other putting so much care into making the perfect ring.


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Stephanie has a natural talent for guiding couples through this process. She set the perfect tone, offered guidance at exactly the right moments, and was sincerely honored to participate in our ring making experience. My fiance and I were able to create beautiful wedding rings that are as meaningful and collaborative as our relationship. And, we had so much fun!


After looking at a few wedding bands at traditional jewelry stores, we knew that we wanted something different. We came across With These Rings and after speaking with Stephanie we knew that we had found the person who would help us make our rings. Her sourcing of materials and design process is in line with our values and environmental ideals. With no jewelry making experience we were both a little nervous going into the ring making session. However, Stephanie was an awesome teacher and we could not be more satisfied with how our rings turned out.



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I think we were both waiting for the curtain to be pulled back to reveal that we wouldn’t actually be doing most of the ring making ourselves — but that never happened. By the end of it all, it felt like a hard day’s work. We sawed, hammered, soldered, filed, hammered some more, filed a lot more, and scrubbed eachother’s rings to perfection. Stephanie was and infinitely patient teacher, and limited her interventions to the few instances when we really needed her.

We definitely came away from this experience with a newfound respect for jewelers and metalworkers alike. Most importantly, though, we came away with a set of beautiful bands that we made for each other. That’s something no retail jeweler could ever compete with.

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We could not be happier with the decision to make our wedding rings with Stephanie! Tania was nervous and unsure when I suggested that we make our own rings, but Stephanie was very reassuring beforehand and incredibly helpful and hands-on during the process. She guided us through what we needed to do, but did not take over except in the very few cases where one of us messed something up.

The whole process was so lovely, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in obtaining our wedding rings. We were able to put ourselves into the rings we gifted each other and that is what is so incredibly special about this process. Both of us LOVE telling people that our spouse made our ring - it is special and unique and just like the style of our individual rings, very us

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As soon as I heard about Stephanie and With These Rings I knew that there were no other options for John and I to get our rings. The wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of our marriage that we carry with us every day, so the opportunity to actually physically make our rings for each other is very special and not to be passed up on. The experience of making the rings was the best part of the wedding planning process (and I’m one of those bizarre people that enjoyed wedding planning!) The process had many little steps, and Stephanie walked us through each one, checking during and after each to be sure that it was going smoothly. We were done in less than 3 hours and were floating on a cloud for days afterwards.

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With no jewelry-making experience, we were able to make two gold bands to our liking that look professionally made. We couldn’t be happier with our results!

Having wedding rings that my future spouse and I have made for each other is a very special and meaningful symbol, and I cannot thank Stephanie enough for providing that opportunity to us!



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Normally it is the woman that gushes about their ring. I did that with my engagement ring, I would tell anyone that would listen how Roger had it made just for me. I LOVE how Roger gushes about his band and that I made it just for him! It is such a special experience, and the one item that you will wear every day for the rest of your life. I love that our rings tell a story, and that I know what tool/process made each little detail and that there will never be another one that looks like it.



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When my fiancée suggested that we make our own rings, I thought she was crazy but Stephanie made it easy, we loved learning the process, and we love the result. During our initial consultation, she described each step, all the options, gave us sound advice, and most importantly to me, she promised she wouldn’t let me screw it up. Her years of experience teaching jewelry-making at a local college really came through as she encouraged us to be hands-on, kept us from getting overzealous, and patiently answered all of our questions. We ended up creating two beautiful, unique rings that have an incredible amount of meaning to us because they are imprinted with a stamp that my fiancée designed and they were made with our sweat.

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This was the most amazing experience! Jim and I will forever remember the love and effort that went into making each others wedding rings! Every time we look at our rings the memories we created while making them will flood our minds.
Stephanie was super helpful but gave us plenty of room to create the rings of our dreams.



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Stephanie is cool, laid-back, and a comfortable person to spend an entire day with even if you start out as strangers. She’s also a great, very natural-seeming teacher. She always knew just when to step in and help out to make sure we wouldn’t be going home with misshapen golden figure-8s instead of rings.
Neither my husband nor I had any experience working with precious metals or jewelry-making tools, but on the whole I’d rate the experience a 3/10 in terms of difficulty. Our gold bands were pretty simple, and we never felt discouraged or overwhelmed at all.
The finished product turned out gorgeous! The gold is rich and beautiful and the rings more or less look professionally-made, but they lack that flat, mass-produced look that some bands have. Stephanie had a professional engraver do the final finishing touches that make our rings special.


Stephanie was recommended to us by friends of ours. She was outstanding. She walked us through the whole process and allowed us to do 95% of the work. She jumped in casually when she needed to make an adjustment. The best part is wearing this ring, and thinking about that day we crafted them together. This ring has profound meaning to both of us in a way that a store-bought ring never could.

We loved how casual the environment was too. Great conversation, lovely space, excellent product - which we made together in 4 hours! Port Townsend is a great little getaway too (we’re from Seattle), with great food, unbeatable scenery and easy parking the experience is well-worth the expense!

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