With either option you will actually make your rings! During your workshop Stephanie will break down the process into a series of  basic steps and ensure that you leave with professional quality rings. 


(Our most popular and hands on option)

  • The Workshop: Fabrication is a process where you will work directly in the metal of your choice. You will use a jewelers' torch and tools to saw, solder, and shape your bands. I will walk you through each step and break it down in a way so that you can't mess it up!

  • The Rings: This is a great technique for creating simple wedding bands from traditional and polished to a rustic, hammered finish.

  • Metal Options: At With These Rings you can fabricate your rings from yellow gold, rose gold, palladium-white gold, peach gold, or palladium-sterling silver.


Watch this video to learn about the process and what to expect during a ring fabrication workshop.

  • Timeline: Many couples who fabricate finish their rings in under 4 hours and take their rings home at the end of their session. But, keep in mind that some designs will have additional steps that require custom work on our end beyond your session, such as stone setting or engraving. These steps can take an additional several weeks after your workshop.

  • Planning your designs: If you are fabricating your rings you will have to decide on the basics of your design at least three weeks before your workshop, including:

You will start with flat metal stock that you will form, solder, and shape into your wedding bands.

You will start with flat metal stock that you will form, solder, and shape into your wedding bands.




  • The Workshop: Carving is a two part process:

    • At your first session you will carve your rings from a hard wax. Then we will send them off to the refiner to be cast in metal of your choice. (See timeline below)

    • Next the metal will need to be filed, sanded, and polished. You have the option to come back for a second session to do the metal work or I can complete these steps.

  • The Rings: This process is ideal for creating more dynamic designs, from a ring with a strong texture to a more flowing, organic form. Carving is also used to shape a ring that will fit perfectly with an engagement ring.

  • Metal Options: With this technique you are open to more metals, included palladium, platinum and some colors of gold that are not options in our fabrication workshop.

  • Timeline: Carving is a two part process that will take at least three weeks at the refiner. Keep in mind that some designs require additional work beyond the final metal work steps. Stone setting, engraving, or other custom work will be finished by us after the metal work is complete, this can take an additional several weeks. Generally 4-12 weeks total, from carving session to finished rings.

Click photo for more examples of nesting rings

Click photo for more examples of nesting rings

  • Planning your designs: Carving offers more flexibility so you can decided on the details of your rings, from dimensions to type of metal, as you are working.

  • Please note that there is limited availability for carving workshops.

If you visit our Ring Page you can click on each set of rings to see which process was used.

If you have any questions about which would be the best fit for the rings that you want to create just ask!

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