Is My New Wedding Ring the Right Size?

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Finding your perfect ring size can be harder than you may think. Easy on and a little tricky off is the goal, but many people’s fingers can fluctuate a full ring size or more! This can make it hard to find the sweet spot where your wedding ring isn’t too tight when fingers are at their biggest or too loose at their smallest. 

During your workshop we will try to get the perfect fit, but sometimes rings do need to be adjusted after the fact. This is a fairly easy fix and I offer your first resize for free, so don’t worry if that is the case. However, more often it just takes a little getting used to how your hands fluctuate with a ring on your finger, especially if you were not a ring wearer before.

If your new ring feels tighter than you remember, don’t panic! The worst thing that you can do is take it off and on repeatedly. Does your knuckle/finger look pink at all? Did you sleep with your ring on? Try leaving it off for awhile and maybe take a cool shower. Then try it on again later in the day, after you give the swelling a chance to go down. The info below should help you figure out if your ring needs to be resized or not.

Your ring will feel looser:

  • In cold weather

  • When swimming 

  • In the spring when it can still be a little chilly and you are wearing fewer layers

Your ring will feel tighter:

  • On a hot or humid day

  • After a salty meal or a few drinks 

  • In/after a hot tub, sauna, or even a hot shower

  • At higher altitudes: i.e. hiking, traveling in an airplane 

  • When you first wake up, since blood pools in your extremities when you lay down

  • If you take your ring off and on repeatedly, since this will cause your knuckle to swell 

  • During/after activity that increases your heart rate, especially a long hike when your arms are down at your sides

Personal preference is something else to consider. I like my ring to fit looser, because I feel a little claustrophobic if it is very tight. I can shake mine off in the winter if I try hard enough, but I am more comfortable with too loose than too tight. My husband on the other hand likes his ring to fit very tight since he is more worried about losing it. Helpful hint: If you have never worn a ring before it will be hard to know what you preference is. But if you wear a watch the answer is often similar. 

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Photo Credit: MJ Photography

Photo Credit: MJ Photography

Common Scenarios 

Test Run: People will try their new ring on and off over and over and then sleep with it on. This is a tricky combination that happens often. It will cause your finger to swell without giving it a chance to go back down. Resulting in your ring feeling super tight the finger the next day.

Winter to Summer Wedding: Often people get their rings in the winter and then their wedding is in the middle of summer. In this case it may fit a little more snug, this might not mean it is too small. Keep in mind you are looking for the happy middle ground.

Vacations/Camping Trips: A weekend of fun can check off multiple things on the list (above) that will make your fingers swell! You can expect your ring to fit much more snug until the swelling goes down. Don’t panic, just give it some time.

Swimming: This is the number one way that people lose their rings! Your fingers shrink in cold water and the motion of swimming through water is literally pulling the ring off of your finger. 

Winter & Gloves: When your fingers are at their smallest in the winter you are more likely to lose a ring when pulling off your gloves. 

Often people want to size their rings smaller in the winter if it is a little loose, but when summer rolls around the fit of the ring can be very differently and they want to size up again. (or vice versa) Resizing a ring with stones and engraving isn't ideal to do over and over. So we want to try to get the size right on the first adjustment. 


Bottom Line

Your ring should be comfortable! A ring with a great fit does have the potential to feel a little uncomfortable in a perfect storm of bad conditions. But this should resolve itself in the right conditions with a little time. If your ring feels too tight daily it should be sized up a bit. Same goes for too loose. If your ring ever falls off or you are often feeling worried that it might fall off, it is best to go a little smaller. 

If you are on the fence about resizing or think you just want to change it a smidge, I recommend holding off to see how it feels in different seasons. That way we would know just how much to adjust to get the right fit. I would hate to go too big or small based on your hands due to seasonal factors. Some days your ring will fit tighter and some days loser, remember the goal is to find your sweet spot in the middle.