Make your own wedding rings!


With These Rings is a jewelry studio that offers you the unique opportunity to make your own wedding bands through personal instruction. Washington jeweler, Stephanie Selle, will work by your side to ensure that you create heirloom quality rings. By making each others rings they will become rich with love and memories, in a way that store bought rings never can. 

The Basics:

  • Anyone can do it!

  • Basic rings can be made in about 3-5 hours

  • Personal instruction = 1 couple per workshop.

  • Many couples leave with their rings on the day of their session

  • The average price range to fabricate a set of 14k gold rings is $980- $1,700.

  • We work with 100% recycled metals sourced from an USA based, eco-conscious refinery. (learn more about your metal options)

  • Our DIY jewelry studio is very different from a jewelry store, there are no salespeople or display cases. You can expect to work in a private, casual atmosphere at a jeweler's bench with tools that are lightly covered in gold dust.

  • Workshops are scheduled for one couple at a time.



Really, anyone can do it!

So many people think that you have to be “artsy” or good with your hands to make your own wedding rings. But I promise that’s not the case. Here are just some of the occupations of the people I have worked with over the years. Some people work in creative fields, some have crafty hobbies, some are very skilled with their hands, some have never picked up a hammer in their life, a few failed their high school ceramics class. Regardless, many of the people I work with are a little (or a lot) nervous when they arrive. Everyone comes to my studio with different backgrounds and everyone leaves having made beautiful rings!

The whole process is broken down into small steps. You will just have to follow one step at a time. All of those steps add up to a fished, heirloom quality, wedding ring.

Learn more About the Workshop in this video


How it started

"When my husband and I got married I knew that I wanted our rings to be handmade and meaningful. My husband suggested that we make each others. As a jeweler and teacher I was up for the challenge.  Leading up to our wedding, there were a few times that I caught Brandt admiring his handy-work and touching up the finish on my ring.   Making each others rings became such a special memory in preparing for our big day. Now when I look at my ring finger I see more then a symbol of our commitment, I also see the love and effort that we put into making our rings. 

After our wedding I thought about what a rare opportunity it was for us to be able to make each others rings and I wanted to offer it to other couples.  I would love to invite you to my studio to make your own bands. I am looking forward to hearing from you about your story and ring ideas!"


"I believe that jewelry has a way of capturing a memory or feeling and allows you to carry it with you. I have always loved that something so small can hold so much meaning, but in a very subtle and private way. I first became interested in making jewelry because I wanted to create meaningful heirlooms for people, now I am passionate about helping others make their own." -Stephanie



Stephanie began her career in jewelry by apprenticing with a jeweler in her hometown of Wilmington, DE. She went on to study jewelry in college and received her BFA in metals from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. After college Stephanie moved to Seattle where she started her own line of jewelry, while continuing to work for other jewelers.  In 2010 she became a jewelry instructor at North Seattle College where she fell in love with teaching. In 2012 she found a way to combine her passion of teaching with her appreciation of beautifully handcrafted heirlooms and has focused on With These Rings ever since.


Working with Stephanie was an absolute joy. She is a fabulous teacher – she knew when to let us figure things out and when to step in. I entered slightly nervous and left amazed that we were able to make such beautiful rings! It is truly one of our most treasured memories from our wedding and a story we tell again and again.
— Rachel