Q&A with Lexi Koch, Owner of Flourish Flowers


Flourish Flowers is a local flower farm in Port Townsend owned and operated by the lovely Lexi Koch, specializing in weddings, special events, flower mandalas, and a seasonal CSA. From March through November, Flourish Flowers provides fresh, cut local flowers to brides and businesses.

We were lucky to do a Q&A with Lexi for the With These Rings blog! Learn more below about Lexi, her passion for petals, and her services (including her amazing mandalas!)

Photos by MJ Photography

What inspired you to become a flower farmer?

After farming mixed veggies and then medicinal herbs for tincture manufacturers for over a decade, the flowers were absolutely calling me.

In every way, shape and form, flowers speak to my heart. The business side of it makes sense to me and the colors, textures, magic and unfurling of each flower throughout the season lights my life up!


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What types of weddings do you specialize in?

I specialize in weddings where the couples getting married are committed to using seasonal, local blooms.  I love to provide buckets of flowers for folks who want their friends and family to arrange their table arrangements and want me to add a super special touch by arranging the bridal parties bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres!

What do you think makes Port Townsend, and the Olympic Peninsula, such a special place for couples to say “I do”?

Everywhere you look on this peninsula, beauty lies, whether it be water or mountains. The people here in Port Townsend are unusually friendly. I remember first moving here and being shocked by the kindness of the people. Knowing all of one’s most beloved friends and family will be joining them for their most special day, begs for a most special place and this peninsula is entirely THAT!

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What are your favorite wedding flowers?

Anemones, Ranunculus, Zinnia, Dahlias, Amaranth, Snapdragons, Bells of Ireland, Sunflowers. I could literally go on and on and on.

What’s your biggest tip for DIY wedding flowers?

Order early, keep your flowers cool and relish in what is fresh and seasonal.  Trust your friends and family with your blooms as they add their energy to your day!



One of your special offerings are mandalas. What are mandalas and and how can they be incorporated into a wedding or special event?

Mandalas are special because they symbolize the constant change in all things. They remind us that what is beautiful today, will change and transform tomorrow. That is the truth of all things. Each breath, each moment, each day.

As we enter marriage, we must honor and remember that each partner will change and change and change again. If we respect and celebrate that in each other, our chances of success grow.

Mandalas are also extremely beautiful to help create sacred spaces where guests can gather and connect at any event.