5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

Weddings don’t exactly have the reputation of being eco-friendly but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or can’t be.

There are many small ways you can make your special day a little greener and have less of an impact on the environment. From buying local flowers to a serving a farm-to table menu - we have five eays ways for you to incorporate eco-friendly elements into your ceremony and reception!

Flowers & Pumpkin: Wilderbee Farm Photo Credit: MJ Photography

Flowers & Pumpkin: Wilderbee Farm
Photo Credit: MJ Photography


Buying local flowers is great for the environment and the local economy. When you buy locally-grown flowers, the amount of time they have to be refrigerated for is far less than store-bought flowers. Less refrigeration = less electricity! If you’re getting married in the greater Port Townsend area, we are lucky to have many talented florists and flower farmers who can provide you cut flowers to DIY or design you incredible, one-of-a-kind bouquets and arrangements.

Pass along the joy of fresh flowers by arranging ahead of your big day for your flowers o be donated to a hospital, nursing home, or community center. Usually flowers go to waste at the end of the evening and why not bring cheer to someone else’s day?

If you’re thinking about a fall wedding on the Olympic Peninsula, visit Fort Worden from October 7th-12th to see the Flower as Art Show in the Commons. The show will feature local flower farmers who are sure to provide you with lots of inspiration!

Catering: Fort Worden Photo Credit: Jen Lee Light

Catering: Fort Worden
Photo Credit: Jen Lee Light


Farm-to-table dining is a great way to be more eco-friendly in your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception and the Olympic Peninsula prides itself on supporting local farmers, fisheries, foragers, and makers of artisan products like ciders and cheeses.

Whether you choose to have it’s oysters from the Hood Canal during cocktail hour or champagne-style cider from nearby orchard for a toast - there are so many local delicacies to add PNW flavor to your big day. Not only are you supporting our local businesses but also ensuring that less fuel emissions were used to get those tasty ingredients to your plate.



Some of our favorite wedding favors we’ve seen in the last few years are plant/food related like succulents, seed packets, or small jars of honey for your guests to enjoy. Favors that edible, serve a purpose, or are truly meaningful to the couple are a memorable way to commemorate such a special occasion...but nobody needs a knick knack that will just gather dust.

If you’re not sure what to do in lieu of favors, you can always donate the money you would have spent on favors to your favorite charity!

Venue: Northwest Maritime Center Photo Credit: Kim Butler Photography

Venue: Northwest Maritime Center
Photo Credit: Kim Butler Photography


Pick a venue where you can hold both your ceremony and reception so your guests won’t have to drive to two locations to cut back on carbon emissions. I love when I attend weddings where I can explore the grounds and learn more about why the couple picked this special location to say “I do.”

We have so many fantastic venues on the Olympic Peninsula that feature orchards, vineyards, water views, and historic buildings that you can make uniquely yours for the day. Many of these venues naturally provide amazing backdrops or wedding arches that can help cut back on cost and one-time-use items.

Photo Credit: MJ Photography

Photo Credit: MJ Photography


All rings made at With These Rings are made from recycled precious metals from the top eco conscious refinery in the United States. For those interested in gemstones, Stephanie can outsource fair trade gemstones, recycled diamonds, and lab grown diamonds.

With These Rings cannot recycle your existing jewelry but if the piece isn’t sentimental, you can recycle your jewelry with a trusted refinery and use the money towards your new rings to keep the recycling process going!