5 Incredible Washington Proposal Locations

I love this time of year and not just because of the holidays and the changing seasons. Thanksgiving thru Valentine’s Day is proposal season! It is so fun to think about all the people keeping this special secret that will soon be unveiled and two lives will be forever changed.

Many details and emotions go into a proposal and one frequently asked question at With These Rings is “Where should I propose?” We came up with a few of our favorite local spots to ask the surprise question that will forever be etched on your hearts.

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Q&A with Rebekah Fessenden, Event Stylist & Owner of Seed Design

Seed Design is the vision of Olympic Peninsula local, Rebekah Fessenden, owner & event stylist. 

Rebekah was kind enough to do a Q&A for the With These Rings blog! Learn more about Rebekah, her passion for design, and her best tips to avoid DIY wedding decor fails! 

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Q&A with Lexi Koch, Owner of Flourish Flowers

Flourish Flowers is a local flower farm in Port Townsend owned and operated by the lovely Lexi Koch, specializing in weddings, special events, flower mandalas, and a seasonal CSA. From March through November, Flourish Flowers provides fresh, cut local flowers to brides and businesses.

We were lucky to do a Q&A with Lexi for the With These Rings blog! Learn more below about Lexi, her passion for petals, and her services (including her amazing mandalas!)

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Alternative Quotes, Poems, and Lyrics for Wedding Vows

Many couples prefer to write their own vows or put their own unique twist on traditional vows. And speaking from personal experience, it can be challenging to begin to writing them! Here are some of our favorite literary quotes, poems, passages, song lyrics, and quotes from thinkers & scientists to help spark inspiration and creativity in writing your one-of-a-kind vows.  

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5 Unique Twists on Popular Wedding Trends

Few things are certain, but one I know to be true is trends will come and trends will go. A difficult aspects of planning a wedding is choosing how you want to incorporate trends into the ceremony and reception while staying authentic to you and your partner as a couple and as individuals. There’s no right or wrong way to integrate popular trends. Many of the couples I’ve worked with have put their special twist on popular wedding traditions. Here are just a few of the unique, Olympic Peninsula adaptations.

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