Victorian History in Uptown

Port Townsend had two distinct districts - Uptown and Downtown. Uptown was home to the society elite who built commanding homes on the bluff with a separate shopping district, churches, schools, hospitals, and parks. As opposed to downtown featuring boarding houses, saloons, theaters, and brothels.

I love to walk around Uptown and look at the Victorian homes, but here are many shops, restaurants, and historical sites to check out. Here are just a few of my favorite stops to make in Uptown.

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5 Historic Port Townsend Hotels

Port Townsend is rich with Pacific Northwest history, in fact - the Downtown District is a National Historic Landmark.

Ornate, Victorian buildings line the city streets providing shelter for shops, restaurants, and hotels. The historic structures have been well cared for, and some renovated, since their construction in the late-1800s.

From B&Bs to castles, you have the opportunity to spend the night in a piece of Port Townsend’s past.

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